Chicken Siu Mai

    Steamed open chicken dumplings wrapped in wonton skin, served with chilli sauce

    Prawn Har Gow

    Steamed prawn dumplings wrapped in translucent casing, served with chilli sauce

    Pork & Vegetable bun

    Pan-fried pork, cabbage, shallots steamed bun

    Silken Tofu, Shiitake, Crispy Floss (V)

    Silken tofu, spicy shiitake, crisp vegetarian floss

    Prawn Sesame Rolls

    Deep-fried prawn sesame rolls, served with baby cos lettuce, dried wild squid & kewpie mayo

    Lo Mai Gai Spring Rolls

    Deep-fried sticky rice, dried shrimp, pork spring rolls, served with baby cos lettuce & chilli sauce

    Pork & Prawn Sui Gow, Chilli Oil

    Blanched pork and prawn wontons, served with chilli oil

    Pork & Cabbage Dumplings

    Blanched pork and cabbage dumplings, served with chilli soy vinaigrette


    Vegetarian Dumplings (V)

    Blanched vermicelli, shiitake, water chestnut dumplings, served with chilli soy vinaigrette

    Sin Juk Giun

    Deep-fried, then braised pork, prawn, bamboo shoot rolls wrapped in beancurd skin

    Yuba Roll (V)

    Deep-fried five-spiced veggie rolls wrapped in beancurd skin, served with kewpie mayo

    Vegetarian spring rolls

    Deep fried full or cocktail size vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce

    Mantou Buns

    Deep-fried mantou buns, served with condensed milk dip